EH Security provides on site armed, unarmed, and remote security services anywhere in North Dakota. All of our security officers are highly trained professionals with a background in law enforcement, military service, or corrections. What sets us apart is not only the high level of professional experience our officers start with, but our continued ongoing training. Our staff is a group of dedicated professionals who you can trust to protect you.

When it comes to security we can do it all. We are able to work anywhere, and do anything to meet your needs. Our security services are offered with a large degree of flexibility. We offer short, and long term contracts, and can be available on very short notice depending on availability. In terms of what we have done in the past some of our projects have included 24/7 support to airports, offered 60 continuous hours of protection to a piece of unexploded ordnance found as part of a military range cleanup, and performed security for events as small as weddings, to as large as casinos and concerts. We have provided concert security for such bands as Third Eye Blind, and George Thorogood.

In terms of protecting property we specialize in both construction sites and secure facilities to make sure the only people on site are your employees, and your facilities remain secure overnight. We can handle facilities as small as a single site, or building to as large as a small town. Currently our security services are in use by several small towns as a private police force securing both property and enforcing local ordinances. We handle everything large, or small.

You will receive a customized private security patrol solution with 24-hour patrol operations and personnel who are trained to support you in a variety of ways, including:

  • Deterring vandalism, theft and trespassers on your property

  • Providing professional response to emergency situations and quick notification of local law enforcement

  • Providing safety and fire watch

  • Helping to promote a safe workplace environment

  • Performing set patrol services or random patrol patterns

  • Serving as stand-by for water leaks, power outages, special coverage needs

  • Conducting vehicle patrols, foot patrols, lock checks, interior and/or exterior checks and parking lot checks


Valuable information can be obtained through publicly available sources, unfortunately these sources require experience to navigate through. With my years in the state and federal government, I can efficiently locate and provide my clients with the necessary information they require through these public, but intimidating sources.

A complete background check requires more than a Google search. My experience in obtaining hard to find information is necessary for you to have the complete story of someone's history.

Electronic Security Systems Installation and Monitoring

Electronic Surveillance is a great way to keep an eye on remote properties, or to provide a cost effective way to monitor larger facilities. We are partnered with New Vision Security, a local security system installation company, that handle the actual physical installation of the equipment. Once installed we can remotely monitor the video feed either 24/7 or on a more flexible schedule. We can also offer onsite monitoring as part of a more comprehensive security package. An electronic security system can supplement on site physical patrols to allow less officers to monitor more area. If an alarm goes off we will either respond if we are on site, or will call immediately to verify a problem and alert the appropriate departments.


To provide total coverage for your property we are partnered with New Vision Security, a local security system installation company. They provide state of the art technology to protect your family and property. Together we can provide a one-stop shop for all of your security and protection needs.

Alarm Response

Already have a system installed? We can partner with your alarm company to receive your alarm notifications. Patrol officers are available to respond to building alarms when notified by your alarm company dispatch center. After responding to the alarm, the patrol officers will notify local law enforcement and client representatives if we find evidence of criminal activity or vandalism at the property. Our alarm response service provides quick notification of security issues related to the alarm at your property, while reducing frustration and costs associated with false alarms. Our fee for this service averages half of what local law enforcement agencies charge for false alarm response. EH Security, LLC will save you money, and at the same time free up valuable law enforcement resources


Our staff is the best in the business, and we provide the documentation to prove it. All of our officers are equipped with GPS tracking allowing us to follow their movements throughout their shifts. In addition to our officers existing backgrounds in law enforcement, military service, or corrections, we provided training to our officers on writing thorough reports. These reports are double checked to ensure accuracy. Finally we are able to provide eyewitness testimony and documentation to protect our clients in the even of a court case.

Knowing how your patrol officers are performing is important. As part of your patrol services solution, we provide a detailed account of each patrol, including:

  • Thorough written instructions in post orders

  • Written reports and activity logs

  • Incident reports when patrol check points are out of the ordinary

  • Tour reports for documentation and invoice backups


We offer both on site as well as remote drug and alcohol testing for all of your employees We are available 24/7 anywhere in North Dakota if needed. Services include DOT, non-DOT, pre-employment, random and post-accident testing. We are available 24-hours a day to test at the location of your convenience to meet your immediate needs. This can be especially vital in the event of an accident to verify an employee’s sobriety in the event of an accident.

We are equipped to offer a full range of tests including blood, breath, and hair. We can even test for hallucinogens or other hard to detect substances upon request. These tests can be pre employment, or due to a reasonable suspicion. Our staff can handle both bulk and individual testing either on site, or at one of our facilities statewide. Testing is available very quickly to meet your needs and to ensure accuracy of the tests themselves. All of our tests exceed both federal and state standards for drug testing companies.

The tests themselves are provided by our close relationship with Northern Testing Inc. out of Minot, ND. Our security officers provide the on-site drug and alcohol testing for your employees.



EH Security, LLC provides more than celebrity bodyguard services. We are equipped to handle all areas of personal, executive, and VIP protection. Our belief is that the best VIP protection security is based on advanced preparations and planning, timely information, liaison with local authorities, and the use of highly trained professionals.

VIP protection starts well before the VIP arrives. We start by checking out every site in advance to look for problems, and weaknesses. We give each site a thorough walkthrough so that our officers are familiar with the area and know the layout. This is true for both on site security, as well as escort services where we provide both personal, and driving protection. If the VIP makes us aware of their itinerary we will scout every location, and provide full driving services.

Quality protective work is seldom seen but always present, and has done its homework on venue risk, transportation routes, itinerary integrity and is not easily flustered if the plan changes. We also take in account the style and specific needs of the person we're protecting by offering both armed, unarmed, uniformed, and undercover officers. When it comes to safety and discretion our VIP protective services are the best.

Private Investigations

In addition to providing on site security and VIP services, our highly trained staff includes officers with a background in private investigation. Our officers start with a background in law enforcement, military, or corrections, and then have received training in modern private investigation techniques. We are able to provide any number officers to meet your specific needs, from small operations to larger 24/7 surveillance.

In the past we have successfully assisted clients with medical insurance fraud investigations where the target was attempting to defraud both the insurance company and their workplace. We have done numerous custody investigations to assist our clients in gaining or maintaining custody of their children. Our staff have done almost every type of domestic relations investigation including divorce, catching cheaters, and custody. If you, or your company, needs a private investigator, our staff can help.

We get to the truth, and provide not only thorough documentation of our findings but also witness services you can rely on.